From 06 to 12 January



Former prime minister (1973-75) Sanya Dharmasakti dies.

Profile : Born on 5 April 1907 at Bangkokyai District, Thonburi. Education : Assumption School, Bangkok. Phatum Khongkha School, Bangkok. 1928 Law School of the Ministry of Justice; Called to the Thai Bar (Netipundit). 1932 The Middle Temple, London; Called to the English Bar (Barrister-at-Law). 1955 National Defence College. Working experiences : 1934 Judge of the Provincial Court of Ayudhya. 1935 Assistant to the Judges of the Supreme Court. 1949 Judge of the Court of Appeals. 1951 Chief Judge of the Northern Circuit, (Chiang Mai). 1953 Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice. 1958 Judge of the Supreme Court. 1962 Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals. 1963 President of the Supreme Court. 1968-1973 , 26 March 1975 - 4 December 1975 Privy Councillor. 1968 Dean of Faculty of Laws, Thammasat University. 1971 Rector of Thammasat University. 1975 Member of the Executive Committee of the Anandemahidol Foundation. 5 December 1975 - 3 September 1998 President of the Privy Councillor. Political experiences : 15 October 1973 - 26 January 1975 Prime Minister of Thailand. Married to Thanphuying Banga Dharmasakti.



Prime Minister Mart Laar resigns.

Profile : Born : on April 22, 1960, in Viljandi Education : MA in Philosophy from Tartu University, 1994 and BA in History from Tartu University, 1983. Political career : Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia, 21 Oct 1992 - 8 Nov 1994 and 25 Mar 1999. Member, Estonian Congress and Estonian Committee, 1990, 1992.



Enrique Bolanos inaugurated as president

Profile : Born : Mayo 13, 1928 in Masaya, Nicaragua. Education : Colegio Monseñor Lezcano Iglesia Parroquial de Masaya. Colegio Salesiano de Masaya Colegio Centro-América - Granada, Nicaragua, where he completed his studies to the baccalaureate. St. Louis University - St. Louis Missouri, USA, BA in Industrial Engineering. Instituto Centroamericano de Administración de Empresas (INCAE) - Managua, Nicaragua, PAG - Higher Admnistration program. Languages : Spanish and English. Jobs : Founder, Partner and Chairman of the following Group of Agro-industrial companies of Bolaños-Geyer Family (Dr. Alejandro Bolaños Geyer y familia, Dr. Nicolás Bolaños Geyer y familia and Ing. Enrique Bolaños Geyer y familia). Political career : From 10 of Jan.1987 to 24 of October 2001, Vice-president of the Repúblic of Nicaragua. 28 Jan.2001, uninimously elected by votes as candidate to the Presidency of the Repúblic of Nicaragua, at the Gran Convención del Partido Liberal Constitucionalista. Status: Married to Lila T. Abaúnza. Children : Enrique, Lucía, Jorge, Javier and Alberto, deceased in 1976, at 16.



Ibrahim Rugova fails again to be elected president by winning only 51 of 120 votes in parliament.

Profile : Born on 02 December 1944 at the Cerrcë village, municipality of Istog, in Kosovo. On 10 January 1945, Yugoslav Communists summarily executed his father, Ukë Rugova, and his grandfather, Rrustë Rugova. Ibrahim finished secondary schooling in Peja in 1967. He graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy - Department of Albanian Studies - of the University of Prishtina in 1971. Mr. Rugova spent an academic year (1976-77) in Paris at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes under the supervision of Prof. Roland Barthes, pursuing his scholarly interests in the study of literature, focussing on literary theory. Rugova earned his Ph.D. degree in literature in 1984 at the University of Prishtina. Elected twice President of the Republic of Kosovo, in national elections in 1992 and 1998, respectively. In 1996, was elected a correspondent member of the Kosovo Academy of Arts and Sciences, the top Kosovar institution of scholarship and science. Under the leadership of Dr. Rugova, the LDK - in cooperation with other Albanian political forces in Kosovo and in the former Yugoslavia, as well as the Assembly of Kosovo - completed the legal framework for the institutionalization of the independence of Kosovo. The Declaration of Independence (2 July 1990), the proclamation of Kosovo as a republic and the adoption of its constitution (7 September 1990), the national referendum on Kosovo's independence and sovereignty conducted in late September 1991, were a prelude to the first multiparty parliamentary and presidential elections in the Republic of Kosovo held on 24 May 1992. The LDK won a sweeping majority of seats in the Parliament in which three other parties were represented, whereas Dr. Ibrahim Rugova was elected President of the Republic of Kosovo with an overwhelming majority of votes. Rugova was re-elected President of the Republic of Kosovo in the elections held in March 1998. His party, LDK won most of the seats in the Parliament of the Republic that year. The LDK won 58% of the vote in the internationally-sponsored local elections in post-war Kosovo in October 2000.


United States

Mark Warner takes office as governor of Virginia.

Profile : Mark was the first in his family to graduate from college. He completed George Washington University in 1977 and then went on to graduate from Harvard Law School in 1980. But instead of practicing law, Mark went into business for himself. And like many young entrepreneurs, his first two businesses were not successful. In 1997, Mark started the Virginia High-Tech Partnership to link students from Virginia's five Historically Black Colleges and Universities with internships and job opportunities in more than 75 technology companies across Virginia. He lives in Alexandria with his wife, Lisa, and their three daughters Madison, Gillian, and Eliza. Mark is 46 years old.


United States

Former secretary of state (1977-80) Cyrus Robert Vance dies.

Profile : Born : March 27, 1917. Married : Grace Sloane. Education : Yale University; Yale Law School. Occupation : Lawyer. Government Positions : Served in the Navy during World War II. Consulting counsel for the Senate Special Committee on Space and Astronautics in 1958. General Counsel for Department of Defense 1961-1962. Secretary of the Army 1962-1964. Deputy Secretary of Defense 1964-1967. Special representative of the President in Korea. Negotiator at the Paris Peace Conference on Vietnam 1968-1969. Secretary of state Jan 23, 1977 to Apr 28, 1980. Notable Events : In the early 1990's Vance along with Lord David Owen, participated in peace initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina