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From 3 to 9 of September



Lebanon, Parliamentary elections - second stage. Results : Lebanon's opposition led by former prime minister Rafiq Hariri won 18 out of the 19 seats in contention in Beirut with 22% of the total ballots cast, the largest percentage of any of Lebanon's political party. South Lebanon, the Bekaa Valley and Beirut, Hezbollah increased its delegates in the 128-member legislature from seven to nine- with three Hezbollah-backed candidates also winning seats. Current Prime Minister Salim Hoss has lost his seat in parliament.



National holiday : Independence Day (3 September 1971 from UK)

During the Turkish occupation from 1871 to 1913, senior members of the Al Thani family were named deputy governors; subsequently, Qatar became a British protectorate, with Abdullah bin Jassim al-Thani recognized as sheikh. In 1971, Qatar became independent of Great Britain.


San Marino

National holiday : Anniversary of the Foundation of the Republic (3 September 301 {by tradition})

According to tradition, Marino, a Christian stonecutter from Dalmatia, took refuge (early 4th cent.) on Mt. Titano (2,300 ft/701 m), the chief geographical feature of present-day San Marino. By the mid-5th cent., a community was formed; because of its relatively inaccessible location and its poverty, it has succeeded, with a few brief interruptions, in maintaining its independence.



Veracruz, Gubernatorial election. The PRI held onto most of the seats in the state legislature and won 120 of the 210 city halls. Abstention is estimated to have been as high as 60%.




National holiday : Somhlolo (Independence) Day (6 September 1968 from UK)

In 1906, Swaziland became a High Commission Territory ruled by a British commissioner. Limited self-government was not granted until 1963, and four years later Swaziland became a kingdom under a new constitution. On Sept. 6, 1968, Swaziland achieved complete independence but retained membership in the Commonwealth of Nations. The king became the head of state, administering through a cabinet and a prime minister chosen by parliament.


U. N


On Dec.1998 the General Assembly adopted resolution 53/202 by which it decided to convene the Millenium Summit of the United Nations as an integral part of the Millenium Assembly of the United Nations.

When Heads of State and/or Government of the member states of the UN converge on the Headquarters of the UN in New York and participate in the Millenium Summit (from 6 to 8 September 2000) it is likely to be the largest single gathering of Heads of State and/or Government ever held in the world. The Summit is a historic opportunity to agree on a process for fundamental review of the role and challenges facing the United Nations in the new century .

World leaders vow to battle poverty, war, pollution. A Millennium Declaration, adopted by acclamation, pledged a renewed drive in pursuit of peace, security,disarmament and the eradication of poverty, especially in Africa.



National holiday : Independence Day (7 September 1822 from Portugal).

The young prince Pedro of Bragança son of the Portugal king, eventually acceded to popular sentiment, and advised by the Brazilian José Bonifácio, on Sept. 7, 1822, on the banks of the Ipiranga River, allegedly uttered the fateful cry of independence. He became Pedro I, emperor of Brazil. Pedro's rule, however, gradually kindled increasing discontent in Brazil, and in 1831 he had to abdicate in favor of his son, Pedro II.



Ontario, Provincial byelection in Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Aldershot. Ontario Liberal Party's Ted McMeekin, the mayor of Flamborough, beat Tory candidate Priscilla de Villiers of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, a victim-rights advocate, by about 10,000 votes &endash; a margin of roughly two to one.The Conservatives maintain firm control of the legislature with 58 seats. The Liberals now have 36, and the New Democrats nine.



National holiday : Mare de Deu de Meritxell.(8 September 1278 - was formed under the joint suzerainty of France and Spain)

Andorra, according to what has been related so far, won its independence under Charlemagne, except for some feudal rights,which Louis le Débonnaire handed to the Bishop of Urgel. Louis granted him a constitution which was enforced until 1991. Some times partagée , or claimed between the 9th and 12th centuries, by the Bishops and the Earls Urgel ; Andorra was proclaimed- in 1278- undivided seigniory of the prelates and earls of Foix; then King Henri IV and hence, all the kings of France, gained part of a suzerainty over Andorra.



National holiday : Independence Day

In 1990, Yugoslav Macedonia elected its first non-Communist government and the following year the Republic of Macedonia was born.


Korea, North


National holiday : Foundation Day (Independence : 9 September 1948, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) “Foundation Day”)

In 1948 two separate regimes were formally established - the Republic of Korea in the South, and the Democratic People's Republic under Communist rule in the North.



National holiday : National Day (Independence : 9 September 1991 from Soviet Union)

In Dec., 1990, the Tajikistan parliament passed a resolution of sovereignty. The Republic of Tajikistan declared its independence in Sept., 1991, and in December it signed the treaty establishing the Commonwealth of Independent States. When the acting president sought to suspend the country's Communist party, the Communist-led parliament replaced him, and former Communist party chief Rakhmon Nabiyev was elected president in Nov., 1991. In 1992, Nabiyev was deposed by opposition militias.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong selects a new legislature. At stake are all 60 seats in the Legislative Council. Ordinary voters get to cast ballots for 24. Thirty are chosen by special interest groups - such as businesses, lawyers, doctors, teachers - and six more are picked by a committee.


New Government of Indonesia since Aug. 26, 2000

Coordinating Min. for Political, Social, & Security Affairs : Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Susilo Bambang YUDHOYONO

Coordinating Min. for Economy, Finance, & Industry : Razil RAMLI

Min. of Agriculture : Bunngaran SARAGIH

Min. of Culture & Tourism : I Gede ARDIKA

Min. of Defense : Mohammad MAHFUD Mahmodin

Min. of Education : YAHYA Muhaimin

Min. of Energy & Mineral Resources : PURNOMO Yusgiantoro

Min. of Finance : PRIJADI Praptosuhardjo

Min. of Foreign Affairs : Alwi Abdurrahman SHIHAB

Min. of Health : Ahmad SUJUDI, M.D.

Min. of Home Affairs : Lt. Gen. (Ret.) SURJADI Soedirdja

Min. of Housing & Regional Infastructure : Erna WITOELAR

Min. of Industry & Trade : Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Luhut B. PANJAITAN

Min. of Justice & Human Rights : YUSRIL Ihza Mahendra

Min. of Manpower & Transmigration : Al Hilal HAMDI

Min. of Maritime Exploration : SARWONO Kusumaatmadja

Min. of Religious Affairs : Mohammad TOLCHAH Hasan

Min. of Tranportation & Communications : Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Agum GUMELAR

Non-Departmental Min. for Cooperatives, Small & Medium Enterprises : ZARKASIH Nur

Non-Departmental Min. for the Empowerment of Women's Affairs : Khofifah Indar PARAWANSA

Non-Departmental Min. for Environment : Alexander Sonny KERAF

Non-Departmental Min. for Reform of the State Apparatus : Ryaas RASYID

Non-Departmental Min. for Research & Technology : A. S. HIKAM

Junior Min. for Acceleration of Development in Eastern Indonesia : Manuel KAISIEPO

Junior Min. for Forestry : Nur MAHMUDI Ismail

Junior Min. for Restructuring the National Economy : CACUK Sudariyanto