07 of November

Here are some data about the presidential election, the elections to the House of Representatives (Senators) and the elections to Governor.

They include a full list of the candidates to the presidential election, of those to Senators and those to Governor. Further data with the corresponding results and a full list of the elected members are included.

As for Congressmen, we merely published a summary of the results for each political party.

In order to provide an easier consultation of this complex work we 've included a list of links to each party we dealt with.

Candidates to President
Elected President and his Vice President
Incumbent Members in U.S Senate
Candidates to Senator and elected Senators
Incumbent Governors
Candidates to Governor and elected Governors
Congress (House of Representatives) : Results

With our thanks to :

The U.S Senate

The U.S House of Representatives

and Cyberflag for the flags of the American States.

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